Cloud Server


Virtualizing your hardware has never been easier. Cloud Servers are completely separate individual servers running on a physical server all sharing the resources of that server.

You can safely run a different operating system on each virtual server and choose different levels of RAM or hard drive for each virtual server/Cloud hosting platform. Each virtual server is allocated its own computing resources and additional capacity is always built into the physical or host server.

A thin layer of software, called a Hyper-Visor, is installed on the host server. This software allows the user to create virtual servers (virtual server hosting) and allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently so that multiple operating systems can run concurrently on a single server.

Each cloud server has access to a dedicated amount of RAM and hard disk together with a virtual NIC (Network Interface Card). It also has access to an allocated amount of CPU resource to ensure continued performance. Server Space offers a range of cloud server packages running on our world class infrastructure.

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"Servernet offers a range of Hi -Spec cloud server and cloud hosting packages running on our world class infrastructure. We offer 24/7 phone support from real people and ZERO Downtime"

Server Net has invested in a highly available fault tolerant virtual server farm.

All our Cloud Servers Support the following:

  • Scripting Languages; ASP.NET 4.0 ASP.NET 3.5 PHP MVC 2.0 MVC 1.0.
  • Database Platforms; SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2005 My SQL.
  • Additional Technologies; IIS Remote IIS Smooth Streaming URL Rewrite SEO Web PI Web Matrix Compatibility.
  • Publishing Protocols; FTPS FTP Web Deploy WebDAV.
  • We have the following as standards: Scalable instances, following as optional integrated snapshot/backup functionality, integrated load balancing, and integrated firewall.

Other Features

 ✓  Tier III Datacenter
 ✓  Peerless connectivity
 ✓  Fully Automated services
 ✓  Hardware on Demand
 ✓  24 X 7 X 365 Support
 ✓  Cloud Backup & Storage

Public Cloud

Servernet Public Cloud is ideal for Small number of servers that need high availability without failure. Public cloud is fully managed by our infrastructure team, our cloud platform is unmatched for performance and flexibility.

 ✓  100% VMware Platform
 ✓  No Single point of failure
 ✓  EMC Enterprise storage
 ✓  Fiber channel connectivity
 ✓  Dedicated Control Panel
 ✓  24/7/365 Screening & Managed

Private Cloud

Servernet Private Cloud is ideal for larger number of servers that need high availability without failure.Let us build your own private cloud platform to run you're hosting Infrastructure, Use our enterprise storage or take your own dedicated Storage Area Network.

 ✓  VMware ESXi or Hyper-V
 ✓  High availability as standard
 ✓  Fully dedicated resource
 ✓  Complete cluster control
 ✓  Scalable on demand
 ✓  Enterprise SAN storage

Public or Private Cloud?

Public clouds are the natural solution for when you have a small number of servers and don't need to consolidate resources on to your own platform, but there is a requirement for 100% uptime. Use our infrastructure to run your server.

Private clouds are ideal for customers with multiple server requirements. We will build your own platform and you create as many virtual machines as required, all with high-availability built in. Easy to manage and massively cost-effective, private clouds are the future of hosting solutions.

ERP Application Hosting

Servernet Services Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software for business Management lies at the heart of thousands of large enterprises in India and around the world. As we know ERP is powerful and business critical, which require resource investment of capital, manpower and time. However, organizations are keen on reducing technology related costs while increasing the standards of business systems.

Servernet Services has the solutions by hosting your ERP application with our world class Data center to keep your ERP application uninterrupted with 24X7. So you can experience the greater performance and reliability at a lower cost.