Server Management

Servernet Server Management provides systems administration services and management of servers for customers who do not have the in-house resources, confidence or time to manage their servers at a root level.


✓ 24/7 monitoring of services and response to outage notifications
✓ 10 minute response time for monitoring alerts and outages
✓ Weekly system updates, bug fixes and security patching as needed for your operating system
✓ Software installation
✓ Backup management and configuration
✓ Error response and troubleshooting
✓ Advice and scoping for capacity planning and future-proofing
✓ 4 hour maximum response time for new support requests lodged

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Support Scope

✓ Apache - Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
✓ Tomcat - Install and configure
✓ Exim - Install, configure and basic diagnostics
✓ FTP - Install, setup and configure
✓ MySQL and PostgreSQL - Install and setup (no DBA work)
✓ PHPMyAdmin - Full setup and configure
✓ PHP, Perl and Shell - Install and basic support (no code or development)
✓ cPanel - Install, configure and diagnostics
✓ Bind - Install only
✓ SSH - Install and full configure
✓ Java - Environment install only
✓ CSF - Firewall setup and configure
✓ Cron - Setup and configure jobs

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Servernet Server Management is provided via an email ticket system, with each request given a unique identifier for tracking and audit purposes. Please note that Server Management customers will not be given full root access to managed servers, to ensure that the environment is secure. Some control will be available and we are happy to discuss indiidual customer needs if required.