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SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, securing the transfer of sensitive data such as credit card or login information between a web browser and a server. Having an SSL certificate enables the data to be encrypted so that it can only be read by the authorized server - even if the encrypted data is intercepted, it is unreadable. Displaying the certificate delivers peace of mind to you and your customers, certifying that yours is a legitimate and secure site.

You may already have a shared SSL certificate included in your Servernet hosting package. However, this certificate will always show Servernet as the owner. An SSL certificate will show your company as the owner of the security on your site. Increase your brand presence and improve your customers' trust in you.

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Receive one of the most recognized security trusted marks on the internet. Click to verify domain, company name and location.

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Our 256-bit encryption enables each site visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available to them.

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Receive unlimited server licenses and unlimited free reissues during certificate lifetime.


The SSL Certificate supports for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile devices.

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