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Data on your on-site servers is vulnerable to a wide range of threats. Power failure, fire, flood, hardware failures and software faults all possess the potential to take your data and your business off-line.

With the Server Net Online Backup Service your data is protected from all these threats while leaving you with the flexibility of maintaining the primary servers at your own site. The Online Backup Service gives you peace of mind that your business critical data and applications are regularly backed up and accessible, from anywhere, in the event of a problem.

The Server Net Online Backup Service is simple to setup and automatically backs up your data via a secure internet connection. Our data centres are all tier 3. Each one has managed power, climate control and security so you can be sure that your data is safe, no matter what happens to your on-site servers.

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After the initial transfer, which can be performed over the internet or by physical copy, our backup client performs a regular backup at a predetermined time and frequency. This recurring backup is differential, which means only changes in the data are synchronised with the backup copies, thereby minimising internet bandwidth and/or allowance usage.

The Server Net Online Backup Service is completely configurable and once set-up runs totally autonomously.